Formal Verification and Property Testing for Wasm

Kasmer is a tool based on a rigorous formal semantics that provides property testing and verification for the WebAssembly.


Key Features

Fuzzing of Rust Property Tests
Fuzzing of Rust Property Tests compiled to WebAssembly
Verification of Rust Property Tests
Verification of Rust Property Tests Compiled to WebAssembly.

Why Kasmer?

High Level of Assurance
High Level of Assurance Because we're Checking at the WebAssembly Level Because that is what will Actually be Committed to the Blockchain.
WebAssembly Unified Syntax
direct integration with the new WebAssembly unified syntax.
Language you already know
no need to learn a new test framework/language.
Save progress
inspectable symbolic execution, not a black box, progress can be saved and viewed to help the user make more progress.

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